Work Permits Overview

Through our simplified creation, authorization, and performing process, create and use Work Permits efficiently.

An Opslock Work Permit is an electronic system used to control certain types of work identified as potentially hazardous.

Like most Permit to Work systems, activities that require a Work Permit are determined by a Risk Assessment and the Work Permit itself is standardized and follows industry regulations. By using Opslock Work Permits, easily identify risks, hazards, and controls specific to each task right in the app. Individuals responsible for signing off are notified instantly through notifications on the app, allowing work to happen faster and safer.

How to view Work Permits.

View all of your Work Permits on the Company page, under the "Work permits" section. The analytic bubbles on top showcase different Work Permit statuses and how many Work Permits are in each stage. You can click on each analytic bubble to filter the results based on the status selected.

💡By default, the list is organized by start date, but you can also filter the results by status, employee, or location by clicking on the “Filter” button in the top-right corner.

Workers who issue the permit and those who authorize and perform the job work with Work Permits. Find out how you can: