Issue Work Permits

Find out how workers can issue a Work Permit.

Work Permits document the hazards of high-risk activities and the appropriate controls necessary for authorization. By controlling and coordinating work, safe working conditions are maintained. Find out how you can issue a Work Permit. Note that the process is similar on the mobile app.

How to issue a Work Permit.

To issue a Work Permit, click on a Work Permit labeled as a "Draft", which you can find:

After you click on “Draft”, fill out the following information within a Work Permit:

  • Details
  • Start and end time of the Work Permit
  • Answer all of the questions related to the Work Permit type
  • Media

💡 Note that depending on the Work Permit type, you may also need to choose standby personnel, rescue personnel, a rescue plan, and/or complete atmospheric testing. You can adjust the information required for each Work Permit type in the Work Permit settings.

Once you have filled in all of the information:

  1. Click on "Request signatures" at the bottom of the page
  2. In the reformatted Work Permit, select the performing, supervising, and issuing workers who are responsible for signing the Work Permit. If necessary, workers can reset expiring signatures
  3. Once all signatories have signed, the worker(s) have the authorization to begin working on the Task. The Work Permit will automatically close when a Task is marked as complete

💡 Want to print a Work Permit? Go to "File" in your browser and select "Print". If you need a specific Work Permit, take a look at the ID located in the top-right corner of the Work Permit's Task summary section.

💡 Want to edit the Work Permit settings? Find out how.