Tasks Overview

Tasks are basic units of work that help centralize all health and safety procedures in one place.

Tasks are the individual steps or functions that are required to complete a job or a multi-step work process. They organize safety documentation and other data as well as track its progress. Tasks work to mitigate risk and establish a solid channel of communication while encouraging consistency within your organization.

Opslock Tasks can be standalone actions or created as a mitigating Task from an Observation or an Event. Find out how you can:

Tasks Overview.

Tasks live on the Home page of Opslock where:

  • The progress bar showcases the percentage of your Tasks that are overdue
  • Your overdue Tasks are located under the progress bar
  • You can click on the progress bar to view a list of all of the Tasks assigned to you
  • You can click on "New task" to open the Task form
  • “Worksite tasks for today” lists the Tasks due today at the worksite
  • You can click on “All Tasks” to open the entire Task list at the worksite, organized by date

💡 If a mitigating Task was created from an Observation or an Event, a tag will be added in the Task view. 

💡 Note that incomplete Tasks are empty and completed Task circles are filled in blue.