Close Work Permits

Find out how you can close a Work Permit.

If a Task is completed before the specified end-time or if the conditions have changed, you can manually close a Work Permit. Once you close a Work Permit, it will be indefinitely closed, so you will not be able to activate it again. Note that the process is similar on the mobile app.

How to close a Work Permit.

If your role has permission, you can manually close a Work Permit that has been issued.

  1. To do so, you can either:
    • Click on your Home page and click on the Task that houses the Work Permit you want to close. If you can't find the Task you are looking for, click on the progress bar to view a complete list of the Tasks assigned to you and, if necessary, narrow your search by filtering the results
    • Click on your Company page and select the Work Permit that you would like to close
  2. At the bottom of the Work Permit, click on "Close"
  3. Confirm the action by clicking on "Close" when the pop-up box appears
  4. Now, the Work Permit status will show "Closed"

💡 Want to pause a Work Permit instead of close it indefinitely? Find out how you can suspend a Work Permit.