Isolations Overview

Create Isolation plans to isolate and de-isolate items when in use.

Isolations, also known as Lockout/Tagout, are procedures used to make sure equipment and hazardous energy sources are shut down or inoperable until a Task is complete. With Opslock, you can create Isolation plans and capture the Isolations digitally. You can also track the sources of energy that have been isolated when a worker starts, completes, or removes an Isolation.

Check out our guides on creating Isolation plans and starting, viewing the status, and removing Isolations.

💡 Want to view all of your Isolations? Click on "Isolations" on your Company page. The analytic bubbles on top showcase the number of Isolations at each Isolation stage. Click on one to filter the results based on status type. You can also use the "Filter" button in the top-right corner to narrow the results by employee or location.

Creating an Isolation plan.

You can create an Isolation Plan by going to On the Isolations page

Starting an Isolation.

Once you have created an Isolation plan for a source of energy, you can isolate it. You can start an Isolation From a Task


Viewing the status of an Isolation.

You can view an item’s Isolation history, regardless of its Isolation status. There are 4 status types:

  • Start isolation
  • Isolation in Progress
  • Isolated
  • Isolation removed
There are two ways to view the Isolation history of an item:

In a Task:

  1. Click on the Isolation section
  2. Click on "Isolation history"

On the Isolations Page:

  1. Click on the Company Menu and select Isolations
  2. Choose one from the list
  3. Click on "Isolation history"

Here, you can see the audit trail organized by date, so the topmost action is the latest. The worker who completed the action, the action, and the energy source are noted on the left. If there are images or any other details, such as the lockout location, linked to the action, you can view them by clicking on "Tap to view details" in blue.

On the right-hand side, you will find the day and time that the action took place.

Removing an Isolation.

If you have isolated a source of energy, you can remove the Isolation as soon as you've completed the Task. Here is how to remove an Isolation From a Task