Event Management Overview

An Event is an account and analysis of incidents or near misses based on all of the information gathered.

Opslock Events allow workers to document incidents, near misses, or inspections, ensuring that all the details are gathered in one place and that all actions are linked to the main event. There are 5 types of events:

  • Incident: An event where hazards become consequences
  • Near miss: An event where hazards are narrowly avoided
  • Inspection: A careful examination of an event
  • Drill
  • Meeting

Events exist in 4 stages:

  • In progress: Events awaiting sign off from the Investigation team
  • Open: Sign off is complete but mitigating Tasks are incomplete
  • Closed: Mitigating Tasks are complete
  • Archived: Events that do not need to be recorded such as tests, errors, or duplicates

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