Sign Events

Events must be signed by the Investigation team to move from the “In Progress” stage to the “Open” stage.

Once an Event has been reviewed and sent for approval, the user responsible and the Investigation team will be notified that their signature is required on the Investigation.

Signing Events.

Before you can sign any Events, you need to access your alerts, which you can find in the top-right corner of the Home page. You can learn more about your Alerts page here.

  1. Select the Event you want to approve
  2. Click on your name with the icon next to it
  3. Choose "Sign" when the pop-up appears
  4. Once you sign, a timestamp will be added to your signature

Note that the process is similar on the mobile app.

The Event cannot be approved until all parties have signed. If a signature is still missing, it will be marked as “Awaiting Signature”.

💡 Once all parties have signed, the Event is on the path to closure. Check out the next steps.