Edit Consequences

Consequences are the effects, results, or outcomes of the event that is being investigated.

Consequences in Investigations can be created from standalone Investigations or from Observations. Consequences from Observations are originally impacts, but in the automatic transfer, they become consequences, which can be edited. Consequences also come with additional editing capabilities once they have been reviewed, but before they have been signed and verified to move to the "Open" stage.

Find out how you can add information regarding the financial outcome of the consequence after it has been reviewed. Note that the processes are similar on the mobile app.

Editing Consequences.

Adding more details to the consequences transferred from Observations.

When creating an Investigation from an Observation, impacts are automatically transferred over, but in the form of consequences. You can edit the consequence and add more information including:

  • If it's a potential consequence, toggle it on and fill in the
    • Description
    • Potential impact
  • If it's an actual consequence, fill in:
    • Description

    • Actual impact

    • Depending on the actual consequence type, fill in:

      • Environmental: Substance category, substance released, volume released, duration of release
      • Damage: Manufacturer, connected equipment
      • Illness: User, illness, organ system, severity, time of onset
      • Injury: Injury category, user, location on body, injury type, time of injury
      • Output loss: Cause of downtime, cause of poor quality, hours of downtime
      • Reputation risk: Exposure level, severity
      • Security threat: User, event type, severity

      Learn more about filling out Consequences in our guide to creating Investigations.


Adding the financial outcome of the consequence.

Go to your Company page in the menu, click on "Investigations", and select an Investigation in the "In Progress" stage.

  1. Make sure the Investigation has been reviewed. To check, look at the button in the top-right corner of the page:
    1. If it says "Send", that means it has been reviewed and you can continue to step 2
    2. If there is no button, then scroll to the bottom, click on "Edit", and click on "Ok" to confirm the action if you want to proceed
    3. If the button in the top-right corner of the page says "Review"—click on it to review
  2. Click on a consequence in the Investigation and then click on "Add" on the right-hand side of the financial outcome section
    • Cost: Input the cost, currency, and details
    • Days off: Input the number of work days missed and the details

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