Create Tasks in Jobsites

Find out how you can create Tasks at jobsites.

Create Tasks at jobsites.

To create Tasks at a jobsite in a worksite, navigate to the Company page in the menu and select the worksite that houses the jobsite that you would like to create a Task in. You will only be able to create Tasks in jobsites if your role has been granted permission to do so. Note that the process is similar on the mobile app.

  1. After selecting the worksite, click on "Jobsites"

  2. Select the jobsite that you would like to create a Task in

  3. Go to "Tasks" and click on "New task" (Note that based on your permissions you can also find Events, Observations, Work Permits, Isolations)

  4. Fill in the details of the Task:

    • Task description: Add a brief, but informative description of the Task. If you would like to add a subtask, click on the "+" sign in the Task description

    • Assignee: Select a user in charge

    • Due date: Use the calendar to select a date that the Task is due

    • Location: Select a location from the list

    • Team Members: Add multiple people to the job

    • Department: Select a department from the list

    • Priority: Can be set to: Low, Medium, High, Critical
    • Media: Add any files relevant to the Task

  1. Click on “Save” in the top-right corner

💡 Note that all users assigned to a Task will get notifications about the Task and will be able to comment on it.

💡 Don't know how to complete a Task? Check out our guide.