Create Worksites

Worksites live on your Company page and showcase different workplaces within your company.

Each worksite showcases the:

  • Directory: List of workers operating in the worksite
  • Inventory: List of assets, components, and parts available or in use at that worksite
  • Jobsites: Stations in a worksite where workers complete Tasks
  • A list of recent activities at the worksite: Click on “View All Related Tasks” to view a complete list of related Tasks

You may also find other features, depending on your role permissions. They will showcase statistics on the right-hand side.

How to create a new worksite.

If your role has been granted permission:

  1. Navigate to your Company page in the menu
  2. Click on “Edit” in the top-right corner of the page
  3. Click on “Create new worksite”
  4. Fill in the following information:
    • Cover photo (Click on “Edit a picture” to upload an image or "Remove worksite photo" to remove the image)
    • Worksite name
    • Worksite description
  5. Click on “Save” in the top-right corner of the page

Note that the process is similar on the mobile app.

💡 Want to add a jobsite(s) to your worksite? Find out how.