Add Comments

Enhance communications with comments—make notes, add attachments, notify workers, and react to others' comments.

Add comments and view the audit trail.

Comment section

In the comment section of an Investigation, Observation, or Task, you can:

  • Add “@” to mention and notify a worker
  • React to comments
  • Include attachments to comments
  • Edit your comments
  • Share a comment link (By sending this link to your co-workers, it will link them to the current comment)
  • Delete your comments within 24 hours

Audit trail

Throughout the comment section, you will notice an audit trail, which features information such as additions, updates, and views, among other adjustments to the document. Each action will include an icon and a description on the left and a time stamp on the right.

Note that the process is similar on the mobile app.

💡 You can only see 5 comments or events at a time. To see the rest of the activities, click on “Load older comments”.